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5 Steps to summer skin with rubybox + a discount

Rubybox and I share 5 products with you for blissful, summer skin!


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Wake up tired, dull, winter skin with 100% Natural Vitamin Skin Booster Serum from Africology. This creamy serum smells like summer, zesty and full of life. This vitamin and mineral cocktail is enriched with grapeseed extract, calendula and arnica to promote healthy, radiant skin. Use under your day and / or night cream to get that much needed boost before summer.


Water intake dipped this winter? Fight dehydration with this light, gel like Moisture Replenish Mask from Gatineau.  It’s great if you don’t like a thick, creamy or clay-like mask. It’s super light and refreshing yet packed with algae and marine plants, selected for their capacity to fight dehydration. Plumped hydrated skin combats fine lines – so get that smoothed, refreshed summer look with Gatineau Moisture Replenish Mask! 



The last thing you want for fresh, glowing, summer skin is spots!! Gatineau Clear and Perfect SOS Stick is great as it has a self sterilizing ball and is easily applied. It’s a clear, light liquid – so no wearing thick, mud drying like blotches on your spots. It helps disinfect and eliminate imperfections while preventing new ones. I love the cooling effect the stainless steel roller ball offers. Zap!


Absolutely love the Stila Stay All Day 10-1 HD Beauty Balm for natural, glowing skin. It’s like a tinted moisturiser with loads more impact! Filled with micro spheres which are known for hiding skin imperfections and reducing wrinkle-depth, it also contains bamboo and pea extracts for added wrinkle protection. I love how it evens ones skin tone too.

* Diminishes appearance of fine lines and skin imperfections

* Minimized pore size

* Reduces redness and skin irritation

*Leaves a silky finish

* Oil free, paraben free and dermatologist tested


Ok so it’s not a skin product, but summer’s not complete without a bright splash of colour, on toes especially. Love the Mavala Mini’s – a great way to test out colours without being stuck with a larger bottle.

Rubybox are offering all Kim Gray Readers a 10% Discount on the above products – simply quote the voucher code KIM, at check out, valid ’til 15 Sept. Happy shopping xx





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