Win with iStore (MacBook Airs and more)

PART 1: 
Little did the iStore know when they dropped off the latest iPad mini for the Bloggers Challenge, that I live and breathe mini! :)


Who do you think my first fashion icon was? Inspiring me to lead the life as a fashion blogger! (Eeeh, which I can now do on my iPad mini)

photo (5)

Yup, Still loving them bows! Once you go mini I tell you!

photo (8)

A firm fashion favourite! Ooh la, la, love me a mini skirt!

photo (10)

And yes, again I eat, sleep and even drive it!

photo (3)

My life long dream of owning a bulldog, had to of course be a (French) mini!

photo (4)

Kim Gray Travel, where I’ve been reviewing some fabulous mini breaks, is going to go to the next level I’m sure when I pack my new iPad mini to document my stays.

photo (11)

Oh and then there are my team of adoring mini’s that I dote after! (So much I braved Bieber!)

photo (7)photo (6)photo (2)

Fashion is forever changing (As you can see by the amount of times my hair changes in this post) but fashion forever loves a mini! I can’t wait to reveal the BEST mini experience ever and how the iPad mini is going to help me along the way, in PART 2! So please GET VOTING if you enjoyed my post and watch out for Part 2! :)

You can vote for my post HERE! And if you’re voting from a mobile, HERE! 


photo (9)

Loving my favourite new fashion accessory! But guess what, not only do I get the chance to WIN, but so do you, and BIG! Get to your nearest iStore and get playing on the latest iPad mini! See details below! Good Luck!!



So speaking of mini, after 4 1/2 years of trying to conceive, we are so excited to have our own little mini. Yay, yay, yay! The iPad mini is certainly going to help me along the way!

photophoto (1)

Thanks to the camera, I can document our progress while gaining tips and knowledge from all the fabulous Apps.

photo (2)photo (3)

Not only are there Apps to gain inspiration for my own blog – but I’m loving Apps like My Houzz – featuring kids and baby rooms. Loads of inspiration to help me along the way.

photo (4)photo (5)

Oh yay, Apps to help with future parties!

 photo (9)

Now that I’m entering my 2nd Trimester I’m exciting to get cooking again, but I’m still feeling pretty brain dead, so the cooking Apps and tutorials are just what I need to get me going.

photo (6)

I’m loving all the magazines available. Some new to me that I would have looked over in the past and yes, Women’s Health I’m going to need you after my 1st Trimester carb cravings.

photo (7)

I’m loving Facetime to chat to friends and family overseas, keeping them in the loop and just chatting in general. It’s free between any Apple Device. photo (8)photo (10)

Oh and with a mini, comes a mini blog :) which my iPad mini will be helping me with too! But more on that another time!

The iPad mini has so much to offer and it’s definitely going to become my right hand and my left in the months to come!

So if you’ve not voted for me – it would be fab to win the Bloggers Challenge of travel vouchers and have a little calm before the storm :) VOTE HERE!

Don’t forget you can WIN Travel Vouchers and MacBook Airs too! See all details here!




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  1. Maureen Mauzie Anderson

    Hi Kim! Gud luck, I hope you win. So nyc to put a face to a blog and loving your little bulldog too xxx.

  2. Shirley Bisschoff

    Congratulations on your latest mini news Kim! You're going to be such a chic mama! All the best with your pregnancy and the mini competition xx.

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