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Laudable – My Favourites

So a couple of weeks ago I mention the new social shopping platform, Laudable. (If you missed it read here) Laudable brings together the best of SA’s e-stores into one easy to use social shopping platform. It allows you to follow users and stores who match your personal taste in style and discover the latest items from your favorite brands.

To get going, simply sign up and log in to Laudable via your Facebook account. 

Once signed in you are free to explore all products which have been added to the laudable platform. Only products added by people you actually follow will appear in you “Feed”, but all products, users and stores are searchable using the easy to use search function. 

“Browse” – browse through heaps of exciting fashion and lifestyle items and follow different users, your friends collections they’ve created and follow your favourite stores. 

You don’t just have to follow what everyone else is uploading, get familiar with “+Add” – By clicking this button you can add new products from your favourite e-store to the Laudable platform in order to keep track of it, by adding it to your wish list, and also to share it with your  friends. Check out their handy bookmarklet. It is the easiest way to “Laud” new products – watch the instructional video to see how to install it. I’ve installed the “+ Add to laudable” button in my bookmarks tab so that when I’m browsing my favourite on-line stores, I can add product to my collections and keep all my favourite items in one place. 


The Idea is that one make use of the platform as a place to both find new products and stores which you like and also to store stuff you find off-site but don’t want to buy right now.

I must say, people often say to me you’re so hard to buy for, but this is a fine way to share with your friends what’s on your “Wish List”. It’s a great way to see what your friends are buying and discovering too.

This week I share with you some of my favourite things I’ve found via Laudable. Big, fat, COVET!


Follow me over the next 3 wks as I share with you my collections and fab finds via Laudable and / or follow me on Laudable to see all the great things I find, as I find them! 😉 Shopping made easy!


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