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With love candles

With Love Products do a sweet range of candles that are not only good for your well being, but support a great cause! From gifts, to travel candles and useful tea lights, these natural beeswax candles last for ages!

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Says With Love Products: “Our raw Beeswax is sourced direct from Beekeepers. It’s heated to filter out natural organic material like vegetation etc. and is not bleached or diluted with normal wax. Beeswax releases natural Negative Ions into the air, which remove unnatural chemicals and harmful elements. Beeswax has a rich fragrance and the Essential Oils we use subtly compliment this fragrance. Last but not least one of the main features is that our Beeswax Candles burn for much longer then normal Candles. Beeswax is Precious.”

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I love that a  portion of the proceeds of any With love Products goes to the worthy cause. See more products here.


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