Win Nimue products to the value of R1000 with Tosca - Kim Gray

Win Nimue products to the value of R1000 with Tosca

I recently went for a lovely Nimue Facial and have been enjoying some of their range. Now you stand the chance to win some too! Yay! nimue_highlight

Janine from Nimue performed my facial and talks us through what you will experience as well as an over view of the products used. Thanks Janine!


A standard active skin rejuvenation treatment. Indicated for environmentally damaged, hyperpigmented and problematic skin classifications.  It is a potent, yet gentle and safe active treatment delivering powerful results, culminating in refined texture, pore size, elasticity, radiance and vitality.

1. I started off with cleansing the Skin with our Cleansing gel this is a soap-free 2 in1 creamy cleansing gel. It is non- alkaline base ( so it doesn’t strip the skin of natural oils) with light exfoliation properties, gently hydrates and removes make up.

I’ve been using the cleansing gel and love the gel like texture that becomes a creamy, more foamy consistency. I love the lemon-curd look and feel and mentally, this just cheers me up 🙂 

2. Followed up with toning the your skin with our Conditioner tonic. This helps to promote skin health restoration. It is improves skin texture, clarity and freshness. Because of the 7% Alpha Hydroxy acid complex ( for skin exfoliation and renewal), the conditioner accelerates skin rejuvenation process. Degreasing and deep cleansing properties as well as anti- inflammatory and anti- bacterial.


I’m loving using the above refreshing Nimue Conditioner Tonic (Toner) for Hyperpigmented Skin. A 140 ml, refreshing spritz that is bound to last a few months. Janine did mention that its very important to use a sun block every day due to its exfoliating properties. 

3. I then applied our Exfoliating Enzyme. This is an enzyme complex ( fruit enzymes) that gently detaches dead skin cells and promotes cell renewal. Non – irritating and non- abrasive enzyme exfoliator that refines skin texture and leaving a smooth, hydrated and radiant skin. This process also optimises the penetration of active ingredients to follow.

4. I follow next with the application of the Bio- active complex. It is a 15% Triple Alpha Hydroxy Acid Complex ( Use a Combination of AHA) at a pH that is effective for Skin rejuvenation and renewal. Optimises penetration of home care products. Give dramatic and visible results in skin

5. I then Neutralise the Bio- active complex which also leaves the skin hydrated

6. After drying the skin. I then applied the Alginate mask which is a setting mask that hydrates, soothes and calms the skin creating a smooth texture. It has a Green tea extract with antioxidant properties to protect the skin. This is lots of fun – like thick goo, applied all over the face, just your nostrils open. It dries and peels off having become a rubber like texture. 

7. This was followed by an application of Moisture lite which hydrates and balances the skin and improves skin texture

8. As well as an application of our SPF 40. A light weight non- oily cream offering certified high broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and anti-ageing benefits. It helps to assist in reducing and preventing the visible signs of photo ageing. As well as hydrating and wrinkle smoothing effect.



The Hydro Lip Therapy is also divine with Vitamin E Ester and Chamomile to nourish and protect the lips, diminishing sign of ageing. It smoothes lips with a delicate layer or product – perfect for those that don’t like a heavy, glossy feel.



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Winner announced this Friday 1 March! Open to S.A. only. Good Luck! xx

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