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Brush up

My gorgeous, make-up artist friend Jade, gives us some valuable advice! Do you remember to wash your make up brushes? Oh I’ve so been guilty of this!

Invest in quality when it comes to brushes, as a make up artist I know the importance of good tools for my trade. Real hair brushes are the answer and when cared for correctly they can and should last years. It’s important to clean them regularly and I prefer to use shampoo over brush cleaner. No need to squeeze shake or dab brushes, just lie them flat on a towel and allow to dry over night. Brushes lend to a smoother, more polished make up application.


For tricky areas like under the eye, you fingers are still the best tool to use, they work best to blend creamy concealers as the heat from your finger tips helps to melt the concealer and blend it into the skin. Fingers are also great for applying creme blushes onto cheeks and creme textured eye shadows onto eyes lids.



Another ‘can’t live with out tool’ is the earbud, essential for cleaning up lip and eye lines or a mascara spill. (Try rolling the bud over the smudge rather than sweeping it across which generally just smears it further).

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