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Candles round the home

Nothing makes me happier than candles and flowers in my home. Here are a few luxurious candles for every occasion.

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Every bathroom needs a Spa-Valous candle. Not only is it wonderfully relaxing to have candles burning while you’re in the bath, but this soy candle becomes an indulgent oil for the body as it burns. Apply the oil-like balm all over your body for soft, nourished skin thanks to Vitamin E. Soy candles are clean-burning, eco-friendly and a blend of essentials oils and body safe fragrances are added to allow for a smooth massage providing antioxidant benefits. See more here.

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A favourite beauty brand, Clarins has now developed a Home Range, this beautiful botanical candle being a part of it. I love it for a kitchen setting with its notes of Egyptian Purple Basil and Indian Patchouli. With 40-50 hours of burning time, this fresh, not too sweet and herby fragrance will have you feeling relaxed, releasing the stresses of the day. See more here. 

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I love these simple yet elegant white L’Orangerie Candles from The Beautiful Store for the bedroom – they evoke a sense of calm for me. I loved the rose and currants candle that I first thought might be too sweet. It’s very subtle how ever and just the perfect calming scent for the bedroom. These glass encased candles are available in Ylang-Ylang, Vanilla, Wild Fig and Rose & Current and the brand also offers various other candles for the likes of dining and entertaining. See more here.



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Now this candle is pure fun! With its playful  packaging, this candle packs a punch with its uplifting fragrance. Available in Atomic Kiwi, Coconut Ice, Lotus & Dragon Fruit, Ruby Grapefruit, Velvet Vanilla, Very Berry and Wanton Blueberry, these make super fun gifts if you can help parting with one. Charlotte Rhys products are Beauty without cruelty and Eco Friendly. See more here.

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Now this is a great candle for a spot you spend a lot of time in, be it in a chilled out meditation spot or your home office, to bring on balance. The Africology Chakra Candle aids in guidance from the universe, spiritual wisdom and guidance developing your sense of self. Again this shea candle melts to allow you to massage your chosen Chakra in an anti clockwise motion to activate energy – imagining the intake of positive energy to that area, and the release of the negative. I’m burning this at my desk as I write and I think this is where its going to live to remind me to take a break and get some soul food.

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This Kobo Candle from Entrepo is a real show stopper in its display-like packaging. Not only does it have an environmentally friendly cotton wick, is made from domestically grown soy beans and uses premium essential oils, but it comes with its own elegant pack of matches. This current, pink rose petal and water lilly fragrance fills the rooms with Spring-time happiness. So pretty! See more here.

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