Win a BlackBerry Curve 9320 in hot pink

Yay, so we have our first competition of the year, and it’s a goodie! Stand in line to win this fabulous BlackBerry Curve 9320 in hot pink.


Why you’ll love it:

  • The new BlackBerry® Curve™ 9320 smartphone in pink has everything you need to stay in touch with the people and things that matter most to you.
  • Connect with friends, family and colleagues in real-time through BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) and new BBM-connected apps like Facebook® and Twitter®, where BBM is fully integrated.
  • Launch BBM with a simple push of the dedicated BBM shortcut key.
  • The new Social Feeds 2.0 app is also preloaded, allowing you to post updates to multiple social networks simultaneously and capture updates from news sources (RSS), social apps and instant messaging apps all in one consolidated view.
  • Capture and share the action with the built-in 3.2MP camera with flash.
  • Enjoy fast web browsing, 3G connectivity and rock-solid reliability of BlackBerry® 7.1 that offers Mobile Hotspot, wireless multimedia, sharing, parental controls and more.



In a nut shell:

  • BlackBerry® 7.1 operating system
  • 3G connectivity
  • 3.2MP camera with flash
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Dedicated BBM™ button
  • Personal Wi-Fi ® hotspot capability


Simply “Like” this post and tell me in the comments below, why you love this BlackBerry Curve 9320 in hot pink.


As a separate entry – tweet about this competition @kimgray @BlackBerry_ZA (Limited to 5 tweets) ~ Good Luck! xx

Winner announced 25 Jan / Open to S.A. only  / Winner has 30 days to claim prize

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  1. I love love love this, not just because of the colour but because it is an awesome phone! Beauty and brains all in one.

  2. What an amazing prize! Pink is my favourite colour for accessories and I have wanted a pink BlackBerry for ages. And the phone is such a multi-tasker with great apps, and don't forget BBM!

  3. Ah, sweet BBM how I miss thee! Sadly I have been cut off from the multi-tasking convenience that is BlackBerry since mine was stolen (out of my hands!)
    I love the chic look of this one, as well as the awesomeness of having a good camera on hand all the time – and being able to immediately share.
    I love staying up to date with current affairs & the people I love, & the combo of great apps & connectivity options on BB makes that easy :)

  4. this is an absolutely fantastic giveaway! wow..its really stunning! id love to have one of these! its super stylish and soooo beautiful! I love how bye connects people. I think its incredibly important to be able to communicate and with this, it makes staying in touch easy.. The pink looks great and is the perfect accessory! so lovely! really love this phone! :-) holding fingers tightly crossed!

  5. Hot Pink! What's not to love? Oh and of course the Built-In FM radio! This is the 1st time I've seen this feature on a BB – or am I living in a cave? And the Dedicted BBM button – can it make things any more easy? #awesomephone

  6. First I love that it is hotpink! and then I love that it is such a great phone, so smart! I love that I can have fast web access, without a hassle, I love the blackberry messenger and the camera is great!

  7. I love it cause it is my favourite colour – can't go wrong with pink. And it is a great phone!

  8. My lady loves hot pink, and I love my hot lady.
    (Sorry, bit cheesy, but true all the same. We are both BB fans and users, and she is in need of a model upgrade).

  9. What a fantastic prize – I am a Blackberry fan and can think of nothing better than a beautiful pink one in my bag!

  10. Hot Pink gives you bragging rights! This I am sure of! And I have a nail polish in that exact colour… so when chatting on my phone – little bit of matching. Lovely! <3

  11. Love this BlackBerry Curve 9320 because the colour is gorgeous and the features are fantastic!

  12. Pink is like the best colour ever! Also the Curve 9320 is easily the best curve Blackberry has ever made :)

  13. I LOVE this Blackberry Curve 9320 in HOT PINK because I'm all about pink! I can work this look with my pink outfits with my neon bright jacket and be all matched up! I can listen to my music knowing I'm cool with my HOT PINK Blackberry Curve 9320! I'll be feeling fearce and totally confident while using my Blackberry Curve 9320 in HOT PINK.

  14. wow what an amzing cellphone in my favourite colour.I have never had a blackberry yet so this one fits the bill nicely.Hot colour and even hotter features.The hot pink stands out from the crown and I adore that the most.

  15. Pink is a cool colour and its better than the phone that I have on the moment..

  16. I love that you can do anything and everything with this phone! And very stylish as well!!

  17. OMG! this is like the ULTIMATE giveaway EVER! Happy New year to you Kim :) you are anything but gray hehehehe.I LOVE PINK , its my Favourite colour and I have everything in pink except my room…my Hubby will kill me.I love this phone not only because its pink but because it also has an FM radio which I need so I can survive my dreadful gory days at work especially those days that just Draaaaag.I love listening to the Radio but I only do so at home :(. I must admit that I used to have a Blackberry but I was in a smash and grab incident 3 weeks ago in Pretoria and they grabbed my phone from my lap ( I fought like iv never fought before lol).Now I am using some Nokia phone with no camera! its sad and embarrasing..i hate bringing it to work, dreadful times.I did not have insurance on it either.lesson well learnt I guess.I love taking pictures and been a social media butterfly.Now I have to use to my pc and ask other people if I can borrow their phones to even log onto Twitter.Its weird how a phone can change your life, I need this blackberry so I can listen to music at the gym so working towards my New years Resolution will not be so boring.I will be able google recipes on a daily basis as cooking can get boring as I need to spice it up! I will be able to Screenshot, send to my Email, Tweet, fb, Gtalk, Whatsapp.heheheh I also need this so it can be my alarm so I wake up on time to go to work.I would love this so it can be a brilliant start to my new year.Ima Girly girl and this Blackberry was so meant for me! And BBM…..the only way I keep in touch with my peeps because every1 is so busy………..i need this blackberry so badly :(

  18. My beloved kitty, decided to visit me while I was having a bath…hot pink covered blackberry 0, Chazzy 1. So of course, love the colour! Love the bbm dedicated button, and having the social network apps pre-loaded is awesome! I work in Stellies and having wi-fi means easy access to the net at Varsity rates! The flash is also a huge plus!

  19. I love the Blackberry Curve 9320 in hot pink because it's stylish and unique as not many people have a pink Blackberry! Hot pink is also my favourite colour so having a Blackberry in hot pink would just be perfect for me!

  20. The colour transforms this phone into a unique and stylish accessorie! Love it!

  21. COMPLIMENTS OF THE SEASON FOR 2013 Kim. Lekka new compt. I have liked and tweeted. I am a total Blackbury fan and Hot Pink is one of my all time favourite colours. Could'nt think of a nicer gift to win at the start of this year.

  22. My mom would love this hot pink Berry – she is a Blackberry fanatic and one of the few people I know who can type a super fast grammatically correct sms. I love it!

  23. 2013*********************************BB Pink YAY :) this is def a DIVA/GLAMOUR GIRL/Girly phone.I love that its pink.omg my head is going to EXPLODE I LOVE THIS PHONE! I have never had a blackberry but I would really like to have this 1 mainly because it is pink and it has an FM Radio.I also like all the social stuff like twitter and facebook.I know I will rock this phone this year! I am going to travel next month to Thailand as well and I want to take pictures and keep in contact with my PEEPS through social media :) I also heard that I can use Gtalk on this phone, which is nice because I'm a gtalk addict.I do want to get into Blogging as well, im trying to create a lil something from my laptop but if ihave a blackberry, i can be connected always :) upload my outfit of the day etc…im just a beginner not a pro lol..i want to try it goal this year is too try something different :)
    I love this Blackberry because it is different not like the other boring ones out there , like helllloooooooooooooo this is PINK! :) I'm IN LOVE hehehehee.
    IF I WIN THIS, i will wear pink the rest of the year, SERIOUSLY.Il even keep you posted and upload my day to day outfits! This Pink blackberry will go with ALL my Stilletos and il even get PINK streaks AGAIN, that was fun! I love PINk and BLING******SIGNING OUT.Love ya! HAppy New year, Stay Cool! Stay Pink..

  24. Me please, because I need a new phone! I have an old model Nokia! And would love to have a phone in pink <3.

  25. I would love to win the blackberry in hot pink because I think it looks fabulous and would suit my personalty perfectly. Love blackberry.

  26. It's the most stylish accessory I've seen in ages, and I've resolved that in 2013 I need to be more stylish :) Please pick me!

  27. Because I like to be noticed and with phone like this it is difficult not to be noticed. I also never ever owned a BB, but have been dreaming about one for quite a while. Would be so much easier to stay in touch with everyone.

  28. The BB Curve in HotPink is the ideal tool to add a touch of class to my business! I can stay in touch with clients via BBM, Tweet about upcoming events and specials and update my FB Page on the go. No more wait to get connected on my LAN! And I can finally get rid of my very very very very old Samsung (that came after my very very very very old brick of a BB – still has the little roller as mouse ***LOL*** said goodbye!) Event planning just couldn't be more perfect in HOT PINK ;).

  29. You realise when you ask a friend what BBM means, its time to join the gang! Pink? Love it! How much fun is that!

  30. Its looks so trendy, and its not red, black or white like everyone elses BB :) would love to win this!

  31. Such an awesome giveaway for Christmas in January lol…..there are not enough great words to describe this awesome phone so I shall just use the word LOVE as it encompasses everything I feel about it :) Liked, shared and tweeted :)

  32. My 8520 is so slow & outdated, would absolutely love to win this gorgeous much loved and wanted hotpink phone.<3 Have tweeted as well Twittername: @online61524 # holding thumbs!

  33. Why I Love the BB Curve 9320 – Its sleek and funky and has curves in all the right places, much like the woman in us all. Why I Love the Colour Pink – it represents the sweetness and innocence of the child. It is the color of uncomplicated emotions, its pretty and girlish, abandoning your adult responsibilities. Why I Love Your Blog – Its inspiring, relevant and trendy oh and lets not forget that you Kim have the best job in the world! I've been a FB follower a long time and will continue to follow wherever your journey may take you…. OH and one more thing, I love the Artist PINK!

  34. Wow! Look at all the entries. This is a coveted object! Pink is my absolute favourite:)

  35. I love the features of this phone especially the built-in FM radio! The colour of the phone is mind blowing; I want to win this phone so that I can make heads turn :)

  36. Love the Blackberry Curve 9320, especially the colour – it is awesome! Would love a Blackberry because my sister has one & the camera is great, something I need to use all the time for work. My HTC on its last legs!

  37. A great little messaging phone for those that don't want to spend too much money and love keeping in contact with friends via social networking, text messaging and the Blackberry Messenger service, the new OS7.1 software makes for a fast and smooth user experience and the addition of an FM radio is a welcome feature, a good alternative handset to the previous Blackberry Curve 9300 3G and cheaper than the higher specification Blackberry Curve 9360 the 9320 is an ideal pocket companion. The color pink can help add a certain expression of feelings and emotions, it is after all the color of universal love a.
    nd compassion, which is so me.

  38. WHY DO I LOVE THIS BlackBerry Curve 9320? Because it'll connect this farmer's wife to the world!

  39. Fun, fresh totally me! Not a lover of pink but hot pink is my thing! Love love love for this year!

  40. My soon to be 18yr old daughter would love this! Different to the std black one!

  41. I have never owned a Blackberry and would love this gorgeous pink mobile. Perfect way to stay in touch with my friends and the built in radio is an added touch to this stunning handset.


  43. Oh WOW! Hot Pink! Definitely MY colour :D It will be SUPER awesome to answer a pink phone every time it rings, teehee ;) Absolutely beautiful!

  44. I am probably the Only person who does not have a BB. Time to change that.
    Hot pink is perfect for the girly, passionate, playful me.

  45. I love this blackberry because I cannot juggle all my social networking sites and pay for data charges through my nose like I do with other brands, with this blackberry I can go surfing and network all I want for just R59pm! plus most of my friends have bbm so who needs to sms? and pink is my favorite colour so this is perfect. The Blackberry 9320 is a all in 1 package and the best part is that it is wrapped in hot pink!

  46. hot pink! my absolute favorite colour! such a girly girl phone <3 totally need one after my last AMAZING BB got stolen :( favorite thing about this BB? the colour AND its sleaky and sexiness <3 mine mine mine!

  47. I LOVE the Blackberry Curve 9320 in hot pink because it is my favourite colour, the 3G connectivity allows me to browse quickly and for my messages to come in smoothly, the 3.2mp camera with flash allows me the drama queen that loves the camera to always take pictures even if it is dark, no more having to download music when I am bored because the built in radio will be there for me in my darkest days, the social feeds 2.0 app is just for me, the social network queen I wont have to worry about neglecting my other networks… I LOVE BLACKBERRY! PINK IS FOR WOMEN :)

  48. Growing up, I was a complete tom boy, I was always outside playing in the mud, climbing trees, riding bikes and hanging out with my older brother and his friends. I even got my front teeth kicked out by one of his mates when we were messing around karate kicking – the aim was to dodge the kick, but I was clearly not fast enough! I absolutely despised anything pink, and insisted only nothing pink or purple in my closet! The worst was being forced to wear the awful bright pink sweater my gran knitted for me, complete with pom poms on the pockets! As soon as gran left from her visit, off came the jersey and dresses and I was back in shorts and a t-shirt rolling in the grass and mud outside!

    Not quite sure when or how it happened but perhaps it's because I am now much older and wiser… anyone who knows me will tell you how addicted I am to the colour pink. Pink clothes, pink handbag, pink shoes, pink phone (yes, my current one is also pink!), pink nail polish, pink socks, pink, pink, pink! If anyone wants to buy me a gift it doesn't matter what it is as long as it's pink they know they have something I will love and treasure!

  49. Why do I like it? That's Simple….IT"S PINK! and… Blackberry's are AWESOME! <3 LOVE the KimGray Blog!

  50. Definitely the sexiest phone around at the moment! Don't get much better than a hot pink BB curve! <3

  51. Hot Pink! Hot Pink! Hot Pink! It isint just a phone, its a pice of pink art! It's that moment many of us experience every single day having a hot pink phone like that! it's really marvelous. Pink is so much fun to wear and while I have my fair share of pink dresses I… I am in love with the way they put the colour in a phone. This would be amazing to WIN! Just what I need to my first day at stellenbosch university. Nuwe begin met my nuwe foon! 'n Baie oulike kompetisie wat geloots word! <3 Thanks Kim Gray.

  52. Why do I love this Blackberry Curve 9320 in Hot Pink? Obvious answer is the color pink :) Its an amazing looking phone. It will go with my Hot pink purse and my hot pink nailpolish :D not only is it the color that makes me want this phone, its the 3.2MP camera with flash that makes me neeeeeed this phone too. I can take stunning pictures of my little baby boy as he grows up and they will be better than a camera pictures. I looooooooooooove this phone, almost as much as love the Kim Gray log and social media pages. I hope you choose me as a winner :) Good luck to everyone who has entered.