Freeman's pineapple enzyme mask - Kim Gray

Freeman’s pineapple enzyme mask

After bit of a late night at the 80’s Rewind Festival, I woke up with my skin feeling a bit parched and a mask was totally in order! Now not only does a pineapple make me think 80’s but the smell of this mask will have you feeling like you’re on holiday.

Bursting with tropical, pineapple freshness, this mask is fabulous! My skin feels super smooth after using it!Amazing actually! The Pineapple extract exfoliates and moisturises the skin to reveal a more glowing skin.Yay! The enzymes in pineapples also fight freeradical damage and can reduce age spots and fine lines. For a blissful and effective home pamper – Apply actual slices of pineapple to the skin for an anti-ageing boost!

Available at Dis-chem, R60. Now that’s fabulous!

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