Lovely at louis

I have to agree with the lovely Miss Moss. I’m not the biggest LVT fan. I find it slightly ostentatious and ‘Hey look at me, I have lots of cash and no dash. (Eek, shock horror. I’m sure some of you have fallen off your chairs, how dare she down the Vuitton) Sorry, personal opinion.

However, this shoot below is awesome. I totally love the model choice, vintage styling, luminous make up and big frocks. Even the bags aren’t screaming the LVT print. Nice. Thanks Miss Moss for sharing with us. Check out her blog! Some real fab finds.

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  1. Carla

    I am loving these pics!
    Makes me think of the 50’s classic Barbie dolls. Typical girl :)
    Must say even though “The LV” is a bit superficial, I am still a proud owner of a more toned down 2008 model. That bag makes any outfit look like a million bucks xxx

  2. Poshbird

    I couldn’t agree with you more! although my last birthday, my dad bought a limited edition of LVT, so may be i’m convertered.Lol

    Love Love the shoot!

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