What a beautiful day today (Sunday), it was almost like a glimpse into summer. I hope it lasts for the world cup. And talking about sport, off to get a gym contract this week after eating lavish mouthfuls of Greek cheesecake all afternoon. Hmphf. Have a happy, hopefully sunny, week ahead!

Images via Style-Files, Fashionising, Decor 8, Swanky Tables, LushleeFashion Gone Rouge ,Simple Blue Print.

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  1. Eloise Dreyer
    May 31, 2010 at 09:16 (6 years ago)

    Hi Kim!
    You really do know how to get someone in the desired state of mind with your pics! I sat looking at this post getting a lump in my throat missing summer so much. Thank you for bringing a bit of it for me to see and look forward to again.

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