LOCAL LOVELIES PART 1: Miss Moss - Kim Gray


Introducing the first Local Lovely, Diana Moss of Miss Moss. I love Diana’s post and images! Right on trend! Thanks Diana.

I definitely find way more inspiration from street style photos than I do from any editorial in any magazine (that includes you, Vogue). It’s not even about the fact that it’s normal people instead of models wearing the clothes (thought that certainly plays a part in it) – but I know that most of these ladies aren’t wearing designer labels that I wouldn’t be able to afford in this lifetime. Like me they probably shop at Mr Price (or H&M – whatever the international equivalent is) or vintage shops, and tend to re-use, recycle, layer and mix up a pretty minuscule wardrobe to trick people into thinking they have a walk in closet back home (maybe you do? lucky!)

So now the seasons are changing and even though most of the images you’re going to be seeing in the next few months on the Sartorialist and co are turning to summer, I’m digging into their archives to show you some of my favourite autumn / winter looks – and the ten staple pieces that can bring together an entire outfit.

Leather Jacket:
Boyfriend Blazer:
Aztec / Tribal Prints: (the brighter the better!)
Fur: (or faux)
Shorts: (with tights, naturally)
Duffle Jacket:
Autumn Florals:
Platform sandals with socks / tights:
Animal Prints:
Full Skirts:
  • Lauren

    April 27, 2010 at 23:17

    Ah, her blog is lovely, such a nice design. Yours is super too! I love the duffel coats. x

  • Urban Weeds

    October 1, 2010 at 03:53

    Wonderful post! So inspiring. Thanks for including Urban Weeds.


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